Vacuum Repairs That Might Be Needed If The Brush Roller Stops Working

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Vacuum Repairs That Might Be Needed If The Brush Roller Stops Working

The brush roller on the bottom of your vacuum has bristles on it so it can brush up dirt and debris from your floor and carpet. When the dirt is worked loose as the brush rolls, it is sucked into the dirt compartment of the vacuum cleaner. Brush problems are fairly common. The brush is controlled by a belt and motor, so all of these parts have to be in good shape in order for your vacuum to pick up debris. If the roller brush stops working, one of these four problems might be to blame.

1. The Brush Is Clogged

Cleaning out the brush is an easy vacuum repair. It's something you should try to do yourself before taking the vacuum to the appliance repair shop. Look under the vacuum at the roller brush. You can probably remove a small panel to pull the brush out if needed.

It might be matted with hair if you have pets or if family members have long hair. It might also be clogged with a small toy or child's sock. Clean the brush as best as you can, and then see if your vacuum starts picking up dirt and debris again. If not, you may need to take the vacuum to a repair shop.

2. The Brush Is Damaged

If the roller is damaged or if the bristles are worn down, the vacuum repair technician may need to replace the roller. This is another fairly easy vacuum repair. The first step is to remove the bottom panel on the vacuum. Then the roller can be popped out and slid off of the belt. The new roller can be installed by threading the belt around it and inserting it in the vacuum. The final step is to put the cover back on.

3. The Belt Is Bad

Your upright vacuum has a belt that attaches to the end of the motor and the brush roller. If the belt snaps, gets loose, or wears down, it has to be replaced. This is done by removing the bottom cover and pulling out the brush roller. The belt is then taken off the roller and pulled off the end of the motor. A new belt is then put in its place, and the brush and cover are returned.

4. The Motor Is Burned Out

The brush roller motor is the third part that can go bad and keep the brush from working. It's on the bottom of the vacuum along with the belt and brush. It can be tested with a multimeter to verify that it's bad. If so, the vacuum repair technician needs to find the exact replacement motor needed and put it in place of the bad motor.

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