Common Reasons Why A Vacuum Doesn't Have Good Suction

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Common Reasons Why A Vacuum Doesn't Have Good Suction

When a vacuum doesn't have a lot of suction or has no suction at all, this can be very frustrating. You might think that it's time to get a new vacuum, but this isn't necessarily the case and might not make economic sense if your vacuum was very expensive. There are several things you should check first that might stop your vacuum from failing to suck up debris.

Clean the Air Filter and Exhaust Filter

The air filter for your vacuum is responsible for trapping particles so that they can be placed in the vacuum bag or canister to be disposed of. The filter can sometimes become clogged and this can prevent the vacuum from having enough suction. The instruction manual for your vacuum should have more details on how you should clean your vacuum filter.

Make Sure the Hose Isn't Clogged

The vacuum hose might become clogged. Detach the vacuum hose from the vacuum and straighten it out. Use a flashlight to look inside the hose to see if there are any obstructions and remove any that you find. You might need to insert a blunt object to remove an object that has become stuck in the middle of the hose.

Clean the Brush Roller

The brush roller might be obstructing the airflow and might need to be cleaned. If you do not clean the brush roller soon enough, this can place strain on the belt causing it to break. This can lead to the motor burning out. Then, you might not be able to get the vacuum to start at all.

Empty the Vacuum Bag or Canister

Make sure the vacuum bag or canister is not full. However, if you empty out the vacuum bad and try every other possible option, you might notice that the vacuum still will not suck properly. If this is the case, you might need to take it to a vacuum cleaner repair service. 

Have it Repaired if All Else Fails

Having your vacuum repaired is a good idea if you like your current vacuum a lot. Some vacuums are designed very well and rarely clog. You might have been using your vacuum for years without any issues and now it finally has suction issues. You will usually want to have the vacuum repaired rather than replaced if the cost of repairing the vacuum is less than the cost of purchasing it.  

For more information, contact a local company that offers vacuum repair services. 

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