3 Desirable Features In Today's Washing Machines

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3 Desirable Features In Today's Washing Machines

Are you in the market for a washing machine that will adequately serve your family's needs? You have a wide range of choices depending on your family's size and composition (for example, whether or not you have kids). Today's washing machines have very advanced features for convenience, water economy, and energy efficiency. What are some of the desirable features to look out for when buying a washing machine today?

Ease of Control 

You should be able to control your washing machine using today's connectivity:

  • WiFi Control – Today's washing machines have WiFi connectivity that enables connection to a smartphone. You can control the washing machine remotely, and it will also send you various alerts.
  • Smartphone app control – You can control your washing machine from your smartphone using an app. It offers control over almost all the machine's features, including washing cycles and extra rinsing. You can also set for the alerts you want the machine to send. 

Convenience Features 

Today's washing machines offer many conveniences in operation and load handling:

  • End of cycle alerts – This feature is very convenient if you tend to forget that you have laundry in the machine. This feature makes a buzz or beep signal at the end of a washing cycle. They can also send alerts to your phone.
  • Automatic detergent dispenser – Are you often at a loss on how much detergent to measure for each load? Today's smart washing machines have automatic dispensers that can automatically dispense detergent and fabric softener.
  • Automatic temperature detection – Do you struggle to decode the temperature markings on different fabrics? This feature enables the washing machine to read the type of fabric and automatically change the temperature. It works very well when you are washing one type of fabric, e.g., a duvet.
  • Quiet Mode – A quiet washing machine is desirable if you live in a small apartment or a shared house. Today's washing machines are markedly quieter than previous machines. As a result, you can conveniently do your laundry at any time without disturbing other people.

Special Features 

Different washing machine brands tout specialty features on their washing machines, but some of the more desirable include:

  • Anti-allergy protection – This feature removes allergens like grass hairs, pollen, mold, and pet dander from fabrics
  • Economy mode – If you wear your clothes only once or twice, you can use this feature for water and energy efficiency. You can do your small part for environmental sustainability by saving water and energy.

Are you looking for a washing machine that offers the latest features for convenience and ease of operations? Talk to an appliance salesperson about your family's laundry needs. 

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